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A Series of Well Meaning, but Unfortunate Adventures (Part 1)
The Sideways Job

The Black Galleon and the Inn of the Seventh Son are two taverns across the road from one another. The relationship between their owners and patrons are not friendly towards one another, to the extend that feuds have existed over the years. Work can often be found in either, the kind of work that doesn’t usually ask for references.

A dwarf named Bordo, who was working out of The Black Galleon tavern, hired the party for a search and recovery mission of a strongbox. Bordo has a wine coloured birthmark on his right cheek. Bordo explained that the strongbox was supposed to be finding its way to merchants in the Black Galleon, and that the details may not have been on the up and up, but that the party sent to recover it brought it to the tavern, but were all but one poisoned, and the strongbox was stolen. The missing party member is Decker, a small human thief who has a missing pinky on his left hand and oddly silver hair. Two men were paid to poison the first party’s food by a man with a strange, almost stuffed glove. The men indicate that the man who paid them (whose face was obscured) went into the rear entrance of the Inn of the Seventh Son.

Vango [Jay] makes the discovery that the strongbox (obviously containing valuables) could perhaps be sold at the Rogue’s Floating Market.

Thea [Sarah] utilizes her tracking instincts and while examining Decker’s bunk from the previous night makes a discovery of a number of small items: a piece of leather strapping, fibres from a heavy black cloak, feathers, and a piece of a menu from the Inn of the Seventh Son which has what looks like part of the word market (“arket”) and the word Dove street. Vango [Jay] recognizes the name as the kind of place where a mobile Rogue’s Market could be, and the menu as coming from across the street.

Antics to be had in the Black Galleon were Gronk [P.J.] disguising himself as an enormous barbarian and intimidating crowds, twice. Fredrick [Jaeden] nearly killing his first patient and then turning the poisoner’s blue after pinning one to the door he was running for with a crossbow bolt.

Thea [Sarah] crept stealthily to the rear entrance, disarmed a trap, and found an ambush waiting for her. After unsuccessfully knocking one of the two assailants out, she blew by them and led a would-be melee into the Inn of the Seventh Son. Meanwhile Gronk [P.J.] demanded answers from a crowd, irritated a table full of guards, and after having his disguise wear off, smoke-bombed the room [Fog Cloud] and Disguised Self himself into a guard and blended in. Fredrick [Jaeden] looked for answers in paperwork stashed at the bar by Decker, after extinguishing the lights in half the room, followed soon by total darkness. [Brent] fended off the crossbow-wielding assailants with the cutting words of Vango [Jay] while Thea [Sarah] found her way behind the assailants, seeing the room go pitch black, ran in and ushered the party to a cellar hatchway that her assailants were guarding, all except for Gronk [P.J.] who was still a guard. Gronk [P.J.] tells the other six guards when the smoke clears that the party went through the front door. Of the two crossbow-attackers, one heads after the guards, the other heads to the cellar door. Gronk-as-guard [P.J.] follows the crossbowman, “getting his back”. As the two head into the cellar, Vango [Jay] and [Brent] get the drop on the crossbowman and bring him down, alive, but very badly hurt.

Fredrick [Jaeden] makes some discoveries from the paperwork that he liberated and perused. The documents seem to include shipping and housing records of the strongbox in question. The documents also indicate that they, along with the strongbox, belong to House Barrent, a noble house in Waterdeep, signified by a crest of an Owl clutching a snake, identical to the crest on the strongbox by Bordo’s account. Further conclusions were made that the prize article among the strongbox’s contents was an item of some magical power, crafted by a wizard named Jarreth who hires out his services to the elite of Waterdeep. Jarreth is known for his craft as a master illusionist.

Thea [Sarah] had earlier heard sounds of someone making an escape in the cellar passage (which turns out to be a long passage under the building, and perhaps further), but they are either silent or gone now that the party has come down.


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