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Located at the Bracebridge Senior’s Centre, operating every Thursday from 5:30-9:00.

Our Dungeons & Dragons campaign is an experiment in a shared world with rotating DMs. We have made our base in Waterdeep, in two taverns (so far), the Black Galleon, and the Inn of the Seventh Son. The taverns face one another on the street and have had a bitter rivalry between the owners and patrons for the living memory of anyone who has frequented either establishment. Both establishments host myriad opportunities for adventurers to find work, both on the up-and-up, and the kind that operates in the grey area of the law (or the overtly illegal kind).

As we proceed, we will be world-building in as far as the events of the tables (multiple tables operating in the same world simultaneously) will reconcile the events of the world into a cohesive narrative at the end of the month. Each month will correspondingly correlate in-game, as the world will be following a somewhat real-time.

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Home Page

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